Monday, July 17, 2017

Week Fifty-Nine

Dear family and friends. I love you guys, and I thought I should say that first today.

This week has been great, just really busy and running around Delhi. I have a lot to do, but I'm just enjoying my time here. This week I got a call from the mission office and they needed me at the FRRO (foreigner registration) building as fast as possible, I guess there was a problem when I was working with my visa for the next year and we were all super worried I was going to be deported or something. I have never went so fast through these crazy streets to get an auto and then get to the office. After a while all the problems were okay. On the way back to my area I got on a bus from probably the 1980's, it was packed shoulder to shoulder with no a/c, I stood surrounded by people just staring at me and an old homeless man got on the bus with a little bongo and started singing and playing for money( he was actually good). And the whole experience from the phone call to the bus ride cost me about $1.50. On the way home we went over a tall flyover in the middle of Delhi and you could see most of the city and I just thought to myself "I love this country".

Teaching has been good, and we are having great success as a companionship and as a zone. Elder Karkala and i are expecting two baptisms this week. Rabina and a guy named Siyon are both ready to be baptized and they are both really excited. I am so excited for both of them and the change I have seen in their lives is incredible. Rabina is going to be a baptism I remember forever. Her and Rakesh are just awesome. 

This week I got a call from a member in Dwarka, I answered and she said that it was Sister Suman. I didn't recognize the name which was weird because I spent 8 months of my life there and I love those people. She told me that I was the first Elder to visit her home, and then I was even more confused. Then after explaining, I realized that I found this sister door knocking with Elder Chidithoti a week before I left, we had taught her the first lesson of the Restoration and then I left. Since then she has been baptized and is not only an active member of the branch, but she is the newly called Primary president. I was so happy to hear that, and I could hear how happy she was through the phone. It just goes to show that blessings are all around us, and that no effort of doing good will ever go wasted. My dad told me last Christmas when skyping that the blessing will always be there, it may not come until you've got kids and you are able to put food on the table for them, but the blessing will be there. And I truly believe that, we may never know the result of our good actions, or maybe we will get a mysterious phone call months later, but we shouldn't do anything looking for a blessing, we should do it because it's what we should do. I know that that's what Christ did, and that's the ultimate reason to do anything, to become more Christ like. 

Love you guys, 

Elder Armstrong

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